Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tutorial on paper beads

So a classmate of mine is going to Uganda in the summer and was curious about how I make my paper beads and would like to learn how. Apparently they make paper beads there and when she goes she would like to make paper bead bracelets and necklaces with them and needs my help to be prepared so she doesn't look like a n00b (aka have no idea what to do)!
So I thought it would definitely be a good time to take some pictures while I show her how to make some stuff and post it on here as a tutorial so you guys (who ever you are...if you exist) can follow along and maybe learn something as well!!
So paper bead tutorial to follow!!!

Oh and i've blamed my loss of productivity and motivation on all the over whelming ideas I have swimming around in my head so I decided to write everything down, put each idea separately in a hat or bucket or something and then pick something new as a challenge for each week (ideally).

So lots of new and fun stuff, hopefully with lots of pictures if I remember and more tutorials to come!!!

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