Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big let down :(

So last night I started slaving away to try out this cool idea of imprinting pictures onto clay and baking.
It would have looked SOOOOOO good if it would have WORKED. But it didn't and now I'm sad.

Now I'm basically on an adventure to figure out why it didn't work and how I can make it work.
Good luck to me!

Nope, no good luck for me at all.

So I simply followed instructions in a book that I have on polymer clay that I got a while back.
It said to take the photocopied images and put them on the clay, bake, tada!
Well when I did that nothing happened.
So after my research I found out the photocopied image has to be made with TONER or LASER and not liquid ink. So there goes that.
Now I have a bunch of pieces of cooked clay and nothing to do with them.

I'll try to think of an ingenious solution, but it's not looking good right now!

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