Monday, March 28, 2011

Going back to recycled materials

So I love working with clay, it's really awesome and fun to use since you can practically make it into anything with all colors and it's really versatile.
I'm really sick and tired of it though!
I worked super hard on all my small detailed clay pieces to sell at Fashion Garden
(which I sold 3 of)
And I am really happy with how it turned out, but all I want right now is to grab some pretty paper and make some beads and maybe try out quilling?

Yup, quilling is my new inspiration and I really REALLY want to get into and be amazing.
Like how cool is this stuff?
I love the fact that you can make something out of little shapes and things and different colors and end up with this really amazing finished product.
It is definitely my new project...I may put it off for a while though since I'm convinced i'll fail :P
so anyways, let me share with you some pictures of my clay earrings and necklaces I made.
(Mostly a reminder to myself that I kinda rock sometimes)

My cupcake earrings, Sold the second and last pair!
My favorite pair of mushroom earrings!

Still very cute mushroom earrings!
Probably my least favorite pair of mushroom earrings
but they are the smallest and therefore they are forgiven for being not so cute
Amazing (if I do say so myself) pair of earrings based off of
Alice In Wonderland
Really adorable tea pot earrings,
proud to say these were my first clay attempts and turned out great!

So, I think that's the end of me being completely obsessed with my little mini clay masterpieces (term used very lightly) and now I can move onto another project!

Have I mentioned I'm a freak about being really organised? And this often gets in my way of doing stuff? Cause everything has to be thoroughly finished and organized and presented before I can move on?
Oh, I didn't? Well now I have!

Don't judge my crazyness too much!

The end!

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